Zucchini Pizza Boats

Zucchini Pizza Boats

Summer is approaching which means zucchini season is here! On our little patio garden, I always grow zucchini. They are super simple and usually, you get a lot! Let's go over why zucchini is so great for you too!  Low in calories and carbs. High antioxidants and vitamin C. Goof source of potassium and vitamin B. Plus maintain good eye health! - Who knew?!  

I love to cook with what is in the season when possible - especially in the Summer as that is when you can find many farmers markets and my local farm in town is open! We do grow basil and parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, and this year we are trying for purple cauliflower, squash, and broccoli! However, it is still May so nothing in my garden is growing yet - so off to the farm I go! 

I was craving pizza, (which is common LOL!) and once I saw the tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella it was a sign! I thought of my fajita stuffed zucchini boats and knew that I could recreate the same with my pizza boats! Easy enough to just scrape out the insides a bit, add sauce, fresh mozzarella, sliced cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with fresh basil at the end - voila!  Pizza craving answered (sort of!)

You could even grill these- those nice grill marks make for a tasty Summer meal. You could get creative and add additional toppings such as nitrate-free pepperoni, mushrooms or other veggies. Top it off with spices such as salt and pepper, garlic salt or red pepper flakes. 

Take advantage of your summer veggies and make these zucchini boats for a quick weeknight dinner for your next cookout!  Definitely a crowd pleaser!  

Don't forget to comment or tag me on Instagram if you give them a try!  It makes me smile! 


4 small fresh zucchini
1 cup sauce
Fresh Mozzarella (sliced from a fresh ball)
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes (sliced)
Fresh basil
Salt & Pepper to taste
olive oil - optional


1. Preheat oven to 400f
2. Slice zucchinis long way. Scoop out seeds gently. Pat the insides to keep dry. Option to brush olive oil over the zucchini (inside and out)
3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
4. Line a baking sheet and place zucchinis on the sheet.
4. Divide the sauce over the inside of the zucchini boats, top with mozzarella and sliced cherry tomatoes.
5. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Zucchini should be tender. 
6. Remove from oven and sprinkle with seasonings and fresh basil.