Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

I talk about it often, my obsession for all types of nut butter. Peanut butter will always be my first love but with all the nut butter options today, I tend to try them all! But whenever I make a PB recipe I remember why I first fell in love with it in the first place! There is something about that peanutty butter taste that just can't be topped!  And you will get that feeling with this easy peasy 5 ingredients PB cookies! (ok 6 if you add in the chocolate chips!)

Keeping it within My Fit Life standards I ditch the refined flours and sugars and kept it simple. Almond flour and peanut butter are the main stars with the sweetener choice was maple syrup and vanilla extract - the chocolate chips were an afterthought - I mean everything is better with chocolate, right? 

To keep them looking like traditional PB cookies I went with the flattened crisscross look. It helps flattens them out too. Don't leave them in a ball as that is how they will stay! The best part is that you don't have to wait long for them to cook!  These cook up fast in about 7-8 minutes. Depending on their size you could get 12 or 24. If you want to use them as ice cream sandwich cookies (like I did below!) make them a bit larger to hold the good stuff sandwiched in between.

I was lucky enough to have Reveri send me some samples of their plant-based ice cream recently. The yummy flavors are vanilla almond blossom, purple mint chip, chocolate forest, and strawberry patch. They are all so yummy! Even my kids have been eating them! Their ingredients are minimal and all plant-based such as dates, avocado, fruits, and even beans! I enjoy them most often with a spoon but after I made these cookies I knew a sandwich was coming! 

Thank you to Reveri for sending me your amazingly delicious product! I love working with brands that are in align with my health goals! 

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1 Cup Peanut Butter (creamy)
1.5 Cups Almond Flour
½ Cup Maple Syrup
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Baking Soda
½ Cup Chocolate Chips

  1. Preheat oven to 350f and grease a baking sheet or use a slip mat.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a food processor or with a hand blender until a dough forms
  3. Option to add in chocolate chips with the mix or top before baking. Either way, work great!
  4. Roll dough into balls and place on baking sheet. Use back of a fork to imprint a criss-cross on each cookie to flatten it out a bit.
  5. Bake around 7 minutes - check frequently as they can burn quickly.
  6. Let completely cool on a wire rack and enjoy!
  7. Can be stored in the fridge for 5 days