Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Donuts

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

Growing up I loved me some donuts! A few times a week I would treat myself to them and one time I think I even ate a half dozen in 1 sitting! #Truth! I kid you not when I say I have a sweet tooth - although it's not as intense as it once was. I honestly don't care for 'those' types of donuts anymore but I thought why not try to make my own version so I can enjoy this childhood fav once again! 

This time of year I stock up on cans of pumpkin so there is always leftover in the fridge. Then I start to think of recipes! Pancakes, bread, bars, energy many ideas and then...DONUTS!!!  I finally bought myself a donut pan (this one here) and right away knew how to use up that leftover pumpkin! 

Sticking with My Fit Life principles of not using refined flour or sugar I went with gluten-free flour (love Bob's Red Mill or Trader Joes) and sweetened it with honey (pure maple syrup if vegan). The chocolate came in as an afterthought so I added in 1 tbsp of cocoa powder (and of course the chocolate drizzle at the end for added chocolateness!) 

These were super easy to make, as you know I like recipes to be simple and easy! I try to bake with ingredients that I already have on hand too so when inspiration strikes I can go for it! Now that I have an actual donut pan you have been warned that more donut recipes will appear! Especially as my kids enjoy donuts too! By the way, these were a hit with them!  Score! They do like them warmed up a bit before eating and I agree! 

Be sure to share with me when you make these! I love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram or comment below and give suggestions! Always looking for feedback on what you like or don't like so I can create better recipes to share! 


1.5 cups gluten-free flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp pumpkin spice
3 tbsp coconut oil (liquid)
2 eggs
1 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 cup honey


1. Preheat oven to 350F 
2. Mix wet ingredients (coconut oil, eggs, pumpkin & honey) well to combine.
3. Add in the remaining dry ingredients and mix well.
4. Spoon batter into greased donut pan, filling 3/4 way.
5. Bake for 15 minutes
6. Let cool completely (option to drizzle melted chocolate on top)
7. Store in the fridge for 3 days or freeze individually.