Get Zuki!

Get Zuki!

I know you are probably thinking what the heck is Zuki? A new superfood? What is she cooking with now?!  Neither!  Zuki is my new best friend in relieving sore muscles and helping to increase blood circulation.  No, it is not a foam roller. A foam roller requires you to use your body weight where with Zuki you just use your hands! Check me out below!

What I like about Zuki is that I don't have to get into any awkward body positions to feel the effects of my sore muscles melting away. My new routine before I workout in the morning to roll the Zuki over my quads, hamstrings, and back of my arms which are usually the sorest.  It gets the blood flowing and it is like a quick warm-up for my muscles.

Zuki is not just for athletes or those who are fitness junkies. If you sit a lot during the day from driving or at a desk it works great too by increasing your blood flow and helps to decrease numbness in your legs. What I like most is that I am in control of the pressure and where to use it versus a foam roller. The little massaging nubs on the roller feel great!

I also like to use it after I workout as well as my muscles are warm and it helps them to calm down. Less sore muscles mean less recovery time. There are so many reports out on the benefits of myofascial release and while I tried foam rolling before I must say using my Zuki roller is much easier.  I feel in control of the pressure as I use it with my hands and not my bodyweight.  I even use it on my feet! Oh, man does that feel good too! 

To learn more about the Zuki roller check them out here (they even have massaging foot insoles!) You can also purchase your own roller there too! Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed! Even my kids are using them just because they feel good - it is like a mini massage and your body will thank you!

Thank you Zuki for letting me review your product. It means a lot when I get to work with brands that I trust and like! (this is not a paid advertisement but my own personal review upon receiving the product for free)

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