Beanless Veggie Burgers

 Beanless Veggie Burgers

Sometimes a girl just wants a burger style meal. When I did eat meat I loved me a good turkey burger (I was never a big red meat eater my whole life) Piled with sauteed onions, tomato, lettuce, avocado....yum! I still enjoy a good burger these days....just a veggie one! I have made black bean burgers and Mediterranean style burgers but I wanted to go for a bean-less one this time as sometimes well, beans don't always agree with me! 

I am loving cauliflower and how versatile it is especially for us plant based eaters. You can rice it, mash it, pizza it, roast it, taco it and burger it!  So many options!  Who knew?! LOL! Cauliflower is not the only star of this show, sweet potatoes make a cameo as well. Roasted both veggies and then blended them together to make into a smashed consistency. Just enough so you can mold them into patties.  I like to leave some chunks in there for a meatier taste too!  But totally optional. All you need for this recipe is;


Sweet Potatoes

Almond Flour

Fresh Spinach

Hemp Seeds (optional)

I always like to add in my greens so I tore some fresh spinach leaves and added those in as well. Oh and my secret super-foods went in as well - hemp seeds! Love these for plant protein and healthy fats. I used my egg mold to form them into perfect looking patties - aren't they just perfect!? 

Baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes, flipping halfway through. Just be very careful with the flipping as they fall apart easily. Just treat them with care and if they fall apart no worries just mold them back together and all is well! 

However you like your burger go for it! Maybe with a side of sweet potato fries, a salad, on a bun piled high with toppings? I made these for my lunch prep over quiona and mixed greens. Topped with sauteed onions and slice of tomato. I also used TJ's Green Goddess dressing over it all - delish!!  These burgers are well reheated in the microwave and I even froze some for lunch or dinner another time! Maybe even pan fry them to make them a little crispy? Either way I am adding these into my 'burger' rotation!  

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1 small head cauliflower - roasted and cooled
1 small sweet potato - roasted and cooled
1 egg
Handful of fresh spinach leaves - torn into smaller pieces
1/3 cup almond flour
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp hemp seeds


1. After you have roasted and cooled the veggies (I just roasted mine plain at 400F for about 20 minutes) add them to a food processor and blend until into a smashed consistency - can leave a little chunky to texture.

2. Add the veggie mix to a large bowl along with the remaining ingredients and mix well together.

3. Form into patties and place on a lined baking sheet. You can set in the fridge for about 30-60 minutes to have them firm up a bit but I just went ahead and cooked mine in the oven at 425F for 20 minutes flipping halfway through.

4. Remember to be gentle when flipping and if they fall apart no worries just form them back together again. Yes they will be soft but still yummy!

5. They can be stored in the fridge for a few days and even frozen individually wrapped for later enjoyment.

6. Add your favorite toppings like avocado, tomato, sauteed onions.....


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