My Top 10 Holiday Foodie Gifts 2017!

Foodie Gifts for 2017! 

Any foodie or those looking to gain a healthier lifestyle love and need some great foodie gifts in their lives, right?!  I know for me, when I go into stores like Home Goods or Bed Bath & Beyond I can spend hours browsing all things kitchen and food!  I mean how many options are there to make our lives easier and more fun in the kitchen these days!  From egg steamers to food huggers to silicon bakeware! 

Now if I had a bigger kitchen (dream boards!) I would have a host of kitchen gadgets in my house (probably ones I didn't even need lol!) But, hey you never know!  When your culinary side kicks in you never know what you can benefit from to make your cooking experience that much more efficient and fun! For me, this is what has helped me stick with my health & fitness journey.  Having fun in the kitchen & creating healthy recipes that I enjoyed for me and my family. Plus knowing we are reaping the health benefits from it and feeling pretty darn good too! 

Ok so here we go!  My personal top 10 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide for 2017!  I think there is something for everyone on this list! 

 Never have to worry about wasting the other half of that avocado with this great storage idea! 

Quick and easy way to hard boil eggs - you can find others that make omelets too but I use mine mainly for hard boiling anyway. 

Ok not an actual kitchen gadget however it is great to add to your baking to reap the benefits of collagen! 

I love this to slice my eggs evenly and neatly - perfect to add to those avocado toast recipes! 

I have tried many knifes but this one is by far my favorite!  It slices beautifully and I use it for EVERYTHING!!!  

Love this blender as it is easy to store, works well with smoothies, pancake batter even frozen ice cream I have made with frozen fruit!  Yum!
Such fun colors, easy to use with baking or frozen treats or to present mixed nuts/fruit- plus less waste for the environment! 
While we are at - grab these baking mats to make it a quick clean up and non stick surface for your baking needs! 
Love this for squeezing my citrus and no worrying about the seeds!  
I would seriously be lost without my food processor!  It has so many uses for cooking and baking - a foodie must!

This is not the end all be all list but just some of my favorites that I use often in my kitchen!  Would love to hear what you use as I am always looking for new ones! 

Happy Holidays!

xx - cherise mazur